Take time to breathe!

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We know how much you love having it all together. And how much you hate disappointing people around you. This is why you at times fail to find yourself on your priority list. But have you noticed how occasionally you find yourself in a state of burnout? When you feel that you just can’t take it anymore? Well, such a state can be avoided. If only you and me, we learn to pause. If only we get down from the rollercoaster ride of life and take a break to breathe.

However, the pause isn’t just of a single type and can be different for all of us. We need to find what works for us. But here are recommendations in case you are looking for some:

  1. Allow yourself some extra sleep.
  2. Relax in a sauna or steam.
  3. Take a break from Social Media. Get social with people around you.
  4. Meditate
  5. You are never too old to go back to your favourite sport.
  6. That guilty pleasure of yours? Yes, engage in that!
  7. Take a break from people that bring not so great vibes to your life.
  8. Release emotions- both literally and metaphorically.
  9. Think of all the positive compliments you have ever received.

Or…or..or…simply do nothing at all!