Such a WORM day

It’s been quite worm lately! Here are few and quick tips on how to beat the heat:

1. Cotton Love: Choose Cotton material over satin, silk or polyester for your bedsheets.
2. Dressing to keep cool: Switch to wearing shorts, skirts and cotton apparel.
3. Freeze it up: Fill your freezer with water filled plastic bowls and bottles, don’t forget to grab one before rushing out in the heat or use a cube to cool your face burns.
4. Stay Hydrated: Combat dehydration by sipping on water, lemonade, buttermilk, fruit juices to stay hydrated at all times.
5. Frequent baths: Take quick short cool water splashes to feel fresh all day and avoid those heat drowsiness.
5. Avoid: Stay away from fried foods, alcohol, and caffeine as they dehydrate the body quickly.
6. Swear by: Have more of Yoghurts, cucumbers, sugar cane juice, watermelon, grapes, etc.
7. Pay Special attention: Take good care of elders, small children and pets especially in summer.
8. Make food without using stove: Try making cold soups, popsicles, slushies, frozen fruit, frozen yogurt, and other frozen treats to help you cool down.

So, beat the heat with a nice cool treat!

Doodle using everyday objects: Mulberry fruit used as worm.