Stay focused!

It’s the second day of the week. We’re just settling in and looking forward to what it has in store for us. There are a few things that demand us to give them their attention. But, let’s make it a pact to focus only on what is good for our soul. There might be people who are doing better than us but this week we will stop the urge to compare and focus only on ourselves. Similarly, we might find ourselves dwelling upon negative feelings but we’ll train our mind and focus on the good.

Let’s make this a week of positive changes. A week that will help us calm down like we deserve to. Let’s make this week full of healing. After the damage that the past year has done to our souls, we need that. Close all doors for negativity and set the tone for this week with some positive affirmations. Let’s tell ourselves, ”I am healing”, ”I am healthy”, ”I am manifesting the best life for myself”, and more.

This week is too important for us to focus on what might go wrong. Let’s spend it focusing on everything that will go right.

4 thoughts on “Stay focused!”

  1. Dear
    I love your page so much. Simply put …it’s one of my 3 most favourite pages on Instagram.
    I guess just a thank you is not enough on behalf of all your followers. But that’s the only little thing I can do. So…
    Thank you so much. Keep spreading positivity. World needs more of that .

    Your admirer

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