Spread love!

Love is the most powerful emotion. It can warm anyone’s heart and make their day in a jiffy. And by love, we aren’t just talking about romantic love because there are other types of love that we must pursue in our lives.

Love is when you tell someone that they look pretty and they spend the whole day thinking about your compliment and feeling confident. It is when you forgive a person even after they have hurt you and free them and yourself instead of holding a grudge.It is when you see a stranger struggling with their luggage and offer help. It is when you ask your friend to text you once they have reached home.

Love is these little things that the kindness in you makes you do. It doesn’t require much, just little conscious choices. The world needs way more love than it shows. This is why spreading love is a choice that we should make daily by being mindful of our words and actions. And then be assured that we will get the same love in return. That’s how this universe works!

Today, do at least 5 things out of love and see how it touches the hearts of others and even yourself.