Spend time with people who bring you peace!

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We all have different kinds of people in our lives. Some people give us butterflies in the stomach. Some people make us want to be the best version of ourselves. And then there are some people who we are at ease with. They give us the comfort to be completely ourselves. The world has put too many filters on us. These are people we feel safe to remove those filters around. We truly listen to our hearts around them. We wear our most comfortable clothes, speak all that our heart says and do what we truly wish to. They don’t necessarily make our hearts race. Instead, we feel calm and secure in their company.

These are the kind of people who deserve more of our time and energy. These are the people who are not only good for our minds but our souls too. And shouldn’t we choose what nourishes our soul? Today, be it online or offline, be picky about who you give your access to. Your energy is precious, bestie!