Spend time doing what you love!

During our journey from being a child to an adult, we meet numerous people. Many of these people advise us on the ways to crack that big interview, earn that bread and get that dream car. Not many advise us on the ways to be happy in life. This is why we spend a major part of our life chasing happiness and are still unable to find it.

Happiness then appears like a locked door, waiting for us to unlock it. What is the key, you ask? It is spending time doing what gives us joy and makes us feel alive. But this could be different for everyone. For some people, happiness lies in creating art, for others, it’s playing their favourite sport and for many, it’s simply about spending life with their near and dear ones. We just have to pick the key that unlocks our door to happiness and do more of it. This might also require us to pause what we need to do and spend time doing what we want to do. And if that is what the voice of our soul asks us to do, we must oblige.