Sometimes you need to weave your own wings!

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There are some moments so serene and beautiful. When the mind is quiet and the heart is at ease. When the past doesn’t trigger and the future doesn’t make us worry. When we don’t feel the need to go on a vacation to experience peace. Because regular life itself feels peaceful. Such are the moments that we should try to steal from life. The moments that deserve to make it to the top of our list of goals.

Cut short everything that affects it. Set boundaries if you need to to protect it. Know yourself so well that the judgments of others stop disturbing it. It’s only when the noise around us is low, that we can clearly listen to the sound of our soul. Spend time seeking that sound. All the drama and the gossip that may look thrilling to you right now is just a distraction. Once you experience peace, there is no going back.

Consider life an empty bouquet that you must actively fill with moments of peace. To every other moment that knocks your door, show a placard that says ”entry restricted”!