Sometimes we need to paint our own rainbows!

In the rollercoaster ride of life, there will be times when all the co-passengers will get down. And there will be just you and your thoughts. Honestly, it will be lonely to ride alone. Your mind will not always be your best friend. Questions and doubts will knock at your doors sooner than you would expect. Your heart will feel heavy and your tears will finally want to be released.

When such a moment happens to you- a moment when you are left on your own, remind yourself that you are capable enough to manage it all by yourself. You always have been. You have all it takes to create a beautiful life for yourself. The challenges that you face today will be lessons tomorrow. Be graceful while you overcome these challenges. Be your own cheerleader. Hype yourself up. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small. And most importantly, take care of the person who can paint rainbows in your life- which is you, yourself!