Sometimes it’s okay to do nothing at all!

Sometimes it’s okay to cancel a plan that you made with your friends. The one that you have been otherwise looking forward to. Sometimes it’s okay to let your teammate take charge of things for a change. Sometimes it’s okay to decide that you are not going to cook anything today. And instead, order something online. Sometimes it’s okay to do nothing at all!

I know, it feels like a crime sometimes. Crime to take a break from the rat race that we have subconsciously been a part of for a long time. We have been associating our self-worth with the amount of work that we do. Not doing anything at all makes us feel like a failure. But try to let go of that feeling. Let your mind and body relax and take a break from the personal and the professional to-dos once a while. Let yourself look for the most comfortable couch and rest your head on the softest cushion. Let yourself do nothing at all. You are more than the work you do.