Some friendships stand the test of time

Life is nothing but a series of phases. And during these phases, we meet people who make our journey easy with their presence. We call them friends. With them, we share our deepest secrets, our biggest dreams. With them, we feel comfortable enough to laugh the loudest and cry the hardest. However, as we move from one phase to another, we lose some of our friends. But with others, we build a connection strong enough to endure forever. And today, we will raise a toast to all such friendships. Today we will appreciate them for remaining close to us no matter the distance. For understanding silences when lack of communication came in the way. For sticking by us when the times were easy and even when the times were hard. Time may have tested the friendship, but they aced the exam. If you have even one such friend, call them up. Tell them what the friendship you both share means to you. Not sharing your true feelings isn’t considered cool in 2022!