Some days we need extra love & kindness!

Some days, the sun rises but just not for us. Some days, the stars shine but not for us. Some days, flowers bloom but we find it difficult to admire their beauty. Some days, a hug fails to soothe our pain. Some days, we find it hard to try again.

We need some goodness every day. But it’s on days like these that we need it even more. We hope and pray that on such days you offer yourself some extra love and care. So, if you ever have such a day, do what helps you keep the sadness away. Get yourself a tub of ice cream if that helps or binge-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S all day if that gives your overthinking mind a break. Listen to your heart and what it demands you to do. Find out what works for you and then let it work for you.


And if you ever find someone who goes through such a day, sprinkle some extra love and kindness on their way. Because that’s what good people do!

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