Some days it takes a lot to be okay and that’s okay!

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Helloo, fellow human! Does the sun seem warm or a bit harsh today? The usual things which you liked, do not feel likeable anymore? There are days when we feel down and a little something helps us be okay or makes us feel better. Then, there are days when nothing seems to work. Life doesn’t seem as appealing and things that used to cheer us normally, just don’t do. Some days, you just want to lay low and let the day pass by.
On days like these when nothing seems as likeable or okay to go on, relax. Take a deep breath in and let it be for some time. Don’t let yourself be pushed into things you don’t want to do. Take a back seat for a while, until you feel okay again.
It is okay if you do not feel like being the happiest in the room. Or do not want to put that extra effort to make anybody’s day. Give yourself time to rejuvenate and replenish your inner energy. Because you cannot pour from an empty vessel.
Do what feels good to you at the moment. May be take a break from your routine and spend it on giving rest to yourself. Or maybe talk to someone you love, have some comfort food. You will be okay, even if it takes a while longer than usual.