Share your knowledge with those who need it!

Life is a series of lessons. Lessons that are learnt either because of the people we meet or through the experiences we face. You, me and everyone we meet carries the wisdom they have attained over the years. This wisdom when shared with others can transform the lives of people, one lesson at a time. The best part is that this wisdom can be across all fields of life. The big and the small. Asking people to mind their step at the staircase you tripped on once is also a form of sharing your wisdom. 

Knowledge is not a possession that should be kept locked safely inside the walls of our minds. It is a possession that should be distributed among others. 

And when we do so, it not only benefits the person we share it with but ourselves as well. It is a great way to network, both offline and online. Something that is a requisite in the modern world. Remember, sharing knowledge is a way to be remembered and to make our presence felt. No one forgets the person who gave a piece of advice that helped them in any way. 

No one forgets the person who asked them to mind their step!