Rise above the storm and learn to sail!

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Life is somewhat like an aeroplane, occasional turbulence is guaranteed. However, have you noticed how scared you were on your first aeroplane trip and how slowly you eased into it? By your 6th or 7th time, you started trusting the pilot to ensure that you have a safe trip. You should have the same trust in the universe. To be assured that it will ensure you have a journey to remember and cherish. Be it turbulence or a storm, rise above the storm. How do we rise above them? By not giving them the power to control our emotions and by remaining unaffected by them. Because it’s in the storms that we learn to sail our ships better than ever. In the storms, we learn to take charge of our lives instead of letting the situations take charge of us.

From today if you ever find yourself stuck in a storm, think that you are in a classroom. Absorb what it is teaching you and be assured that like every class you have had in your life, this one will end too