Replace negative thoughts with positive talks

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Our mind is a fickle being, to say the least. It changes more frequently than we would want it to. At some moments it’s no less than our best friend. It cheers for us, making us believe in ourselves, and tells us we are worthy of everything great. And in other moments, it becomes our worst critic and does the opposite of all of the above.

It’s normal for our mind to behave like this. But if the fickleness starts to bother you, you must train your mind to see the good. The best way to do this is by replacing every negative thought with a positive one. When your mind tells you ”what if you fail?”, tell your mind ”what if I succeed”? By replacing these thoughts we will rescue ourselves from that pit of negativity and end up making ourselves better.

Life is never as bad as our mind convinces us sometimes. Remember, it’s easier for us to think of worst-case scenarios than it is to think of best-case scenarios. But we can train our mind to do it with time. And by showing the fickle being some kindness and empathy.