Release what doesn’t serve you!

Life is nothing but a series of experiences. While some of these experiences are good, the others not so much. But the latter is unavoidable. It hurts and breaks us but also shapes us into better people. During this process, it leaves us with emotions that don’t really serve us. If we hold on to them, they stop us from moving ahead in life. Hence it becomes important for us to release them. Here is what you should try to release from your life immediately:

Self Doubt – It is that voice in your head that makes you doubt yourself and pushes you back when you truly want to move forward. Try to not listen to it because there’s nothing it will say that will serve you.

Trauma – The baggage that is a result of heartbreak, failures and the wrongdoing of others becomes something that we carry for years. We need to let it go and lighten ourselves and our journey.

Toxic People – We meet so many people in our lives and not every one of them has the best intentions for us. When we realise some people add negativity to our lives, the best thing to do is to let them go.

Fear- We have so many inhibitions about ourselves and fear about what might go wrong. But the thing about fear is that it might look that it is stopping us from taking the wrong step but at times they also stop us from taking the right. Hence, it is important to release them from within.

Past- A lot of times our decisions of the past affect our decisions of the present. However, the present always comes with fresher experiences that require fresher decisions. In such a case, letting go of the past becomes very important.

Above are the emotions you should release from your life. If you think there is something else other than them that holds you back, this is your sign to let it go.