Release bottled up emotions

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There are emotions that we like to keep to ourselves. We fear being judged and considered sensitive. So, more often that not we keep our feelings to ourselves. Until it gets bottled up and starts to trouble us. It’s important for us all of realise that we needn’t carry it all ourselves. That it’s okay to confide in people we trust. This is what friends and family are for! But sometimes we don’t realise this until it gets bottled up. In such a case, it becomes important for us to release those emotions and here’s how you can do that.

  1. Acknowledge what hurts: We all have a habit of running away from emotions that hurt us. We don’t feel like facing them. But to release such emotions we must do the otherwise. It might be emotionally overwhelming but facing it will ensure we rise above.
  2. Talk it out: Don’t keep those feelings to yourself. Talk to people you know won’t judge you. If that fails, you can always find a friend in your journal.
  3. Understand the reasons behind those emotions: We often blame ourselves for the things that happen to us even when there are people and situations to be blamed. To release the bottled up emotions, it is important to realise the cause behind these emotions.

These were the three ways to set yourself free from the emotions that we have held for a long time. Do it today! If being vulnerable to people seems difficult, be vulnerable to the Universe and send a letter to it at