Reach for the stars!

Do you think dreams play a major role in our day to day lives? If you think about it, dreams really are the stepping stones towards your true identity. They help you become what you truly want. Sometimes they may seem far-fetched, and impossible to touch like the stars in night skies. But you can achieve them and make them your reality if you have faith in them truly.

Remember to jump higher and try reaching towards the skies. Aim for the stars and you might even touch them. Because let’s be honest you can and will certainly collect them some day. Stars are the reminders for the soul, of the brightness it seeks. They remind you of the vast sky, a world full of possibility that is out there. They will inspire you and guide you. They will be your motivator and will also help you find a way home. They can even serve a reminder of gratitude for all that you have and all that you wish to do. Let them inspire you in twinkling and spreading the shiny light you have, from within.