Push yourself to do best!

Today we won’t listen to the voice in our head that tells us to settle for less. Today we won’t listen to the people who ask us to not dream for more. Today we won’t remain in a box. It’s time to break free and push ourselves to do our best. And that doesn’t mean we have to become a multimillionaire in a day. All it means is that we have to explore our fullest potential.

Today, when you clock in at work, tell yourself that this is going to be your best day at work. Tell yourself that you will not only work harder today but also smarter. And then live by your words, hour by hour.

Ace that meeting. Ace that presentation. Let everyone see a side of you that they have never seen before. Set standards for others, today. And do everything that on your job list wholeheartedly. Even if that includes creating multiple excel sheets. Excel at creating those excel sheets. Pun intended!