Pac man

The most fun and popular game till date. Dating back to 1980, Pac-man marks it’s 37th birthday this May 2017.

Here are some fun facts about Pac-man:

  1. Toru Iwatami, the creator of Pac-man, ordered pizza. He took a slice, looked at his food and Pac-Man was born (or Puck-Man as he was originally known in Japan).
  2. The New York Museum of Modern Art has an arcade exhibition about the gaming legend Pac-man, and claims the game series is the most iconic ever to exist.
  3. In Japanese, the name means ‘pakupaku’, which translates as to the sound of eating or munching.
  4. In 1980, when it was introduced to America it sold over 100.000 units in its first year of gameplay, leading to another equally successful game Ms Pac-Man (1981).
  5. When Pac-Man sadly dies, he has a sparkly dissolve. This effect was inspired by the showering of fireworks in the night sky.
  6. Pac-Man was also the symbol for Google’s homepage once. It was a playable doodle and it gobbled up over 5 million hours of people’s work time!
  7. It is not surprising then that Pac-Man lands itself into the Guinness World Record books. It is classed as ‘the most successful coin game’.

Doodle using everyday objects: Orange Marmalade