Own your power

You are not an ordinary being. You were never made to be ordinary. To think of yourself as one is a little unkind. Never, ever do that to yourself. There’s a power inside you that needs to be acknowledged. It comes out in form of your ideas, your actions, your words and your care. Acknowledge it! Acknowledge the powerful mind that helps you think great ideas. Acknowledge your powerful heart that helps you stay modest and kind. Acknowledge the value you add to a given task and the lives of people around you. And then own your power.

Release your negative thoughts about yourself. Release your fears. Choose kinder and warmer adjectives to define yourself. Own your strengths, your skills and your abilities. Speak up for yourself and others like your words can change the world. Own everything that you bring to the table. Stand up for yourself when someone tries to put you down. Be so self-sufficient that you don’t feel the need to seek validation from others.

Own your power my friend. Get on the driver’s seat of your life. Let no one decide when should you take a break. Let no one decide when should you accelerate.