Make time for yourself!

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You, yes you…it’s time you make time for yourself. Go get a neck massage, you have been too engrossed into your gadgets lately. Calm yourself with a relaxing bubble bath and raise a toast to yourself. Read the book that you’ve been planning to read for last one year. Or simply make yourself a hot cup of tea, just the way you like it.

Tell your office WhatsApp groups to wait. Don’t be available on them 24 x 7 when you are barely available for yourself. Being a listener when your friends need one is great but spend some time also listening to your own needs. Being an obedient child to your parents is one of the sweetest things you can do but it is equally sweet to take out some time to take care of yourself.

And we are asking you to do so on a Saturday because we know how caught up you are with other things on other days of the week. And today, we will accept no excuses…none at all.