Make joy a habit

Happy hour is here! Open your hearts and widen your smiles! Let’s make joy a habit!

Sometimes, when you’re so busy, it’s easy to forget what makes you truly happy. But, when you sit down and think, you realize that there are in fact a million things that make your heart sing. When you become more aware of these, you can intentionally add these to your lives no matter how preoccupied you are. And just like that, everyday can be more cheerful!

Consider this as a way of choosing to be happy by declaring it to yourself first. Make a list of the people and places that you hold close to your heart. Cherish your warmest memories with them. Play games and laugh out loud. As soon as you pursue joyful things and experiences rather than wait for them, it automatically becomes part of your everyday routine. 
Once you do that, you no longer have to take a break to be happy. It comes to you as naturally as breathing. And little by little, without even you knowing, it will become your style of living. 

So, choose to take the joy and beauty in everything into your life. There will come a day when you will proudly say that you’re the happiest person you know.