Make everybody feel like a somebody!

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Have you ever made someone feel like they matter? Like their existence makes the world a better place. Have you ever made someone look in the mirror and smile because they recalled something that you said? Or were you ever able to make someone feel like they are somebody? It’s one of the kindest things you can do to someone. Wondering how does that happen?

  1. Be a good listener: Listen to people, give them the comfort to be themselves with you. Ensure that they feel so safe in your company that they don’t mind being vulnerable around you.
  2. Be present: When you are with someone, be with them completely. Start by giving more attention to the people who are around you than to the people who are connected with you online.
  3. Appreciate often: Start appreciating people even if it is for the smallest things. They got you a glass of water? Appreciate them! They helped your boss understand your idea? Appreciate them! They made you laugh? Appreciate them!

This is how you can make people feel valued and loved and believe us when we say, the love you give out will come back to you in return!