Make a wish!

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Have you noticed how at times you are sceptical to ask someone for something? Because you fear they might refuse to oblige. But then you anyway ask and get surprised when they happily do you a favour. Sometimes all we need to do is ask. We don’t have to do things alone. We live in a social world where it’s okay to reach out to people in times of need. It’s okay to ask them for help. In fact, asking is the only way to ensure that we receive.

It applies to the Universe also at times. And it’s highly possible that you are not receiving because you are not asking in the first place. In order to get what we dream of and what we desire, we need to ask. Not only this, we need to be very specific about the same. The universe loves when get into the details and put our desires into words. So, ask for everything that your heart wants. Don’t hesitate, don’t fear rejection. Universe is a friend that can never refuse to oblige. Universe is always at your service.