Love yourself for everything that you are!

Love every bit of yourself without any terms and conditions. Love the parts of you that you are proud of but also love the parts of you that you constantly apologize for. Love your successes but also love your failures. Love your strengths but also love your flaws. Love yourself unapologetically and never let the world change that. Acknowledge everything that sets you apart and makes you so special. Be thankful to yourself for being a marvellous blend of all the good things.

When you love yourself and validate yourself, your need to seek validation from the outside world will diminish. That’s the only way to be content and at peace with yourself.

Today, make two lists- one should have everything that you love about yourself and the second should have everything that you don’t. Look at the second list with more kindness and less judgment and notice how even the unlovable parts of you are lovable when you look at them with a lens of acceptance.

Love yourself entirely…just like the universe loves you.