Love yourself even when you don’t feel lovable!

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Some days we look in the mirror and be proud of the person we have become. On these days every struggle, every setback makes sense to us and we realise how it was an important part of our journey. On other days, our inner critic dominates us and makes us feel bad about ourselves. Because of this critic, we find ourselves being judgmental of even the most trivial things about us such as the way we look, the way we talk and the way we carry ourselves. This makes the cheerleader in us take a backseat and we look lovable to ourselves.

But loving us on days we don’t feel very lovable isn’t someone else’s job, it’s ours and here’s how you can do that:

  1. Disconnect to connect with yourself: Take a break from Social Media and anyone who drains your energy. Instead spend time knowing yourself better.
  2. Celebrate your uniqueness: Continuous comparison with others is not good for our soul. Spend time making a list of things that makes you stand out from everyone else and cherish your uniqueness.
  3. Salt water bath for the win: Salt absorbs negative energies that you may have subconsciously picked. Washing your hands and feet with salt water or taking a salt water bath helps let go of the bad energy.
  4. Light it up! : If you have been stressed lately and want to relieve your stress, scented candles can be of help. The scent of the candles and the pleasant essentials oils help ease anxiety and worries.

Feeling unlovable is as human as feeling other emotions. But remember only you can fix yourself. Only you have been given the power to.

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  1. Much gratitude to you!♥️ After sucha hectic day at work I badly needed some positivity today.Tysm! :)))also I loved your friendship cards I’ve shared with my friends you’re doing so good keep it up ✨✨✨

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