Like a star, light up when it gets dark!

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We get you! We really do. We know that no matter how positive you are as a person, it’s nearly impossible to escape the dark days. And we know how much you sulk over them and how badly you wait for them to end. Honestly, we too aren’t fond of those days. But can we tell you a little secret?
It’s on the darkest days that you get an opportunity to be a star. It’s on the darkest days that you get a golden chance to be the light in someone’s life, including your own. To give someone a reason to be hopeful about life and to just hang in there. But how can you be this star? Here are some ways:

By being optimistic: To always think of positive thoughts and to feed positive feelings. When positive thoughts and positive feelings don’t naturally come to you, try affirmations.

By being kind: By choosing to be kind with people around you, including yourself. Tell us one thing that humbles you more than kindness from a person? We’ll wait!

By looking for a silver lining: By finding good in the not so great. It’s not always easy but worth the effort.

By checking up on people: Check on your friends and family, especially when they seem to be distant. You never know they might need you. Also, don’t ever forget to check up on yourself as well.

Now, your quick course to becoming a star is completed. Go, light up the world around you!

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