Life is all about the choice you make!

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Life is playful at times and mischievous on another. It often puts us in the spot and asks us to choose one thing over the other. Happiness over sadness. Sweet over the bitter. Lessons over the heartbreak that came our way. These choices then shape our life, one decision at a time.

If such is the power of the choices we make, shouldn’t we be pickier about them? Shouldn’t we choose moments and people that make us happy? Shouldn’t we choose to focus on the bright side even when things get a little gloomy?

The truth is that we may not get to decide the life we are set to live but we can always create the life we wish to live. Choosing happy moments and experiences guarantees that our life is happy. Choosing love above the negative feelings guarantees that we live a life full of love. Choosing to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary ensures we have a magical life. It’s all about the choices, you see!

Bestie, life is like sitting at your favourite restaurant knowing that they will serve you exactly what you have chosen to order.