Lettuce Swim Doodle

Some fun facts about Mermaids!

lettuce swim doodle

1. The Earliest Mermaid Legends Come From Syria
Dating back to 1000bc, Atargatis from Syria is the “original” mermaid. Legend has it that she dove into a lake to become a fish, but only her bottom half was transformed.

2. Mermaids have 4 main superpowers
Mermaids are blessed with a number of superpowers with the 4 main ones being Immortality, Seeing the future, Telepathy and Hypnosis.

3. There are 4 main type of mermaids
Mermaids come in many different shapes and sizes with unique characteristics. We’ve found 4 of the main types. However different variations have been mentioned in ancient stories and texts.

  • Traditional mermaids – The most common Mermaids. These are Sea dwelling only mermaids and never venture onto land.
  • Irish shedding mermaids – Irish folklore tells of “shedding mermaids” that have the ability to shed their tail and walk on land like humans.
  • Shape Shifters – These amazing mermaids can actually change to human form at will and come onto land and “blend in”.
  • Merfolk – The merfolk, according to ancient lore are human looking mermaids that live on the land and sea. This type of mermaid can breathe underwater and is very difficult to spot.

4. A Mermaid Kiss gives you gills
Legend has it that a kiss from a mermaid can give you some amazing abilities, including being able to breathe underwater.

5. The most expensive mermaid tail produced cost over £10,000 (2013)
Linden Wolbert is a professional mermaid from Los Angeles in California. Her amazing hydro-dynamic tail weighs 35lb and cost over £10,000 to make.

6. The colour of a mermaids tail depicts her mood
The colour of a mermaids tail is a clear sign of her mood. It reflects the mermaid’s personality!

Doodle using everyday objects: lettuce used as mermaid’s tail fin

Source: uramermaid