A Letter to The Universe

Do you know that we have started working as an e-postman? Well, now you do! And our job is to take e-letters from you and send them straight to the Universe. These letters could be anything you want the Universe to know- your desires, your dreams, your vision etc. They could also be about everything that you wish to release. Anything and everything that no longer serves you. 

Now every time you have demands from the Universe or emotional stresses to release, you know how to get in touch with the Universe. Simply type out your message and hit send. Our team will then immediately work towards delivering your message to the Universe. 

Universe Reverts! To find its reply to your letter, you should be open to receiving signs and answers to all your questions. And you shall find them. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. You can choose to stay anonymous. 
  2. Your privacy is our key concern, be assured we won’t share your information.
  3. We would also advise you to seek professional help if you experience frequent episodes of emotional frustration.