Let your light shine!

Diamonds are one of the brightest things on earth but they’re only formed under high temperature and pressure. When life throws you curveballs, you’ve a chance to either face them courageously and turn all those difficulties into moments of triumph or give up. Each time you get up and decide to continue fighting, your inner light shines a little brighter. And one day, when most of your battles have been fought and won, you’ll look back and see that you’ve become a diamond yourself. 

What’s even better is that when you are willing to glow and grow against all odds, it lights up the darkness in others too. So, seek the energy to do the best everyday, for you and for others. Fight all of the fights, for you and for others. Strive to face the struggle and turn them into your strengths. And watch how amazingly your radiance makes everyone else shine too. 

Grow and glow, my friend!