Let the world see who you really are!

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The world gets to see many layers of us. But there are always layers that we don’t allow them to see. The fear and insecurities come our way and stop us from showing who we really are deep down. So we keep to ourselves the strengths and the weaknesses that make us stand out of the crowd.

But today we are here to remind you to allow the world to see your magic. We are here to tell tou that you have been created to serve purposes. You may or not be aware of right now but you will, once you come out in the open and show the world everything that you are capable of.

Take a moment to reflect and think what would happen if one day stars decided to hide and not let the world see their light? Would you appreciate them? You, my friend, are the brightest star there is. So, walk on that stage, take that mic, and tell the world that you are the star that’s set to take the biggest space in the sky.

Honestly, the world’s been waiting for you to do so. Don’t make them wait any longer!