Learn to fill your own cup first

As you grow up, there are responsibilities that keep adding to your list. You have a career to take care of, you have to give time to the people in your life, keeping up with this world has requirements of its own, and the list goes on. But no matter how much we do, there’s never this feeling of satisfaction. And then we wonder what it is that we are lacking.
My friend you cannot pour from an empty cup, you have to learn to fill your cup first. And then only can you give others the love and the efforts that they are entitled to. You can fulfill your responsibility towards others only when you have fulfilled the responsibility that you have towards yourself.
You have to learn to do things for yourself too. You must have some interests or hobbies in life. There must be things that you are curious about. There must be things that get you excited. How much time are you giving to that?
This right here is important, because you are important too. Give time to yourself, do the things you love. Take time to read, to paint, to write or to cook. Do the things that fill you with peace, with excitement and with even more love for yourself.
Fill your cup so that you can serve yourself and others even better.