It’s the little things in life!

Life is definitely about the big experiences, big opportunities and the big joys but it is also about the little ones. It’s about the warmth you feel when a kid walks up to you to for a small help and offers a big hug for it in return. It’s about the love you feel when the neighbour’s dog gives you some extra kisses on a bad day. It’s about the sense of comfort and ease you feel when you reach home to your family after a hectic day at work.

But more often than not, these little joys in life often get overlooked because we are too focused to chase the big. However, life is not just about reaching a destination but also enjoying the journey that leads us there. And it’s these little joys that make the journey worthwhile.

So, appreciate every moment that makes you smile. When these moments happen to you, say ”thank you” to the universe and let it know that it’s been doing a good job at keeping you happy.