It’s okay to release your emotions!

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What is your definition of normal? Is it what people prescribe or is it something which hovers in your head? Does that normal include being okay with dealing with your emotions? There are certain times in our lives when we do not have control over our surroundings. What happens to us is as uncertain as the next minute. In those times, remind yourself that it is okay if things are not going according to the plan or if you don’t feel good.

We, as humans, sometimes tend to complicate things by imposing the standardised versions of behaviour. But what’s that? It is what we feel and do and act upon, isn’t it? So, the next time when things overwhelm you, remember that it is completely okay to feel whatever you are feeling. And it is okay if you cannot keep it in. Let it out. Exhale those worries and stress. Let the tears out if it is becoming hard to keep them in. Release those emotions and feelings which are troubling you. Be gentle with yourself, like you would with your loved one. And when you treat yourself like a loved one, you will see how much easier it gets to let them out. Once you do, breathe in the light air. Let it fill you from within.