It’s okay to not be okay

Hey, there! How have you been? Have things been a little hard lately? Or are you doing fine? Whatever it is, know that you have got this. All your good and bad days are proof of how life so desperately seeks balance. Where there is laughter, there are also tears. And where there is sadness, you know happiness will come. It is like they take turns. When one comes, be certain, another is around the corner. They are like two siblings who cannot be at a place at one point or there will be chaos. So, in bad times remember these siblings and know that when this one leaves, the other will show up.

Your bad times do not define your whole life. What you become during that time do not define who you are. We go to desperate measures to just survive through them. And that is okay, that is only human. Our humanness is the purest form of us. And it shows itself when we feel extreme sorrow or extreme happiness. So, when you feel low, embrace your humanness. Embrace your vulnerability and know it is a part of the human experience. Do not hold it against anyone and especially not yourself. Let it be a proof of your depth of feeling any emotion. It is okay even if you are not okay.