It’s okay to be different!

It’s okay. It’s okay to wish you had a landline while the world around you just can’t get enough of smartphones. It’s okay to wish, you could play with your friend just like the good old times, instead of playing a game online. It’s okay to wish, you could visit a dear one at their door to check up on them, instead of dropping a message to have a small talk. It’s okay if you wish, to confess your love for someone in person, instead of uploading 5 stories, and a post with them. It’s okay to be different.

It’s okay to not make sense of things, while everyone around you seems to have their life figured. It’s okay to take one day at a time, while the world around you knows where they see themselves in the next 5 years. It’s okay to look different, to think different, and to love different. It’s okay to not be a part of the crowd.

Being a part of the crowd wouldn’t make you stand out, anyway. So, embrace everything you are. Everything that makes you different and everything that makes you, you. You give this world a break from boredom. The world’s slightly more interesting because of you!