It’s okay if things are not going as planned

We are all so creative in our minds that often we create a beautiful imagery of things. We plan things in the best of ways and we try to create the perfect picture of all that we wish for. And we hope that everything will turn out to be exactly the same in reality as well.
But often things do not go exactly as planned. Because certain things are known only when experienced. There are certain aspects that are not considered while we plan. And there are situations that arrive out of nowhere.

And when things start going in the direction different from where we wanted to go, we are left saddened and disheartened. It indeed can be hard to accept sometimes. But we must realize that acceptance helps us move forward in life. It allows us to see the goodness in all things. And it opens new ways for us to take.

It’s okay if things are not going as planned. Because that is how life is, surprising and spontaneous. Just go with the flow, and enjoy the way things unfold. Everything eventually turns out to be okay, we discover new paths on the way, and whatever comes will surely be better.