It is your light that lights up the world!

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Your smile shines more than the shiniest string of light you have ever seen. Your words are sweeter than all sweets and desserts combined. Your deeds, kinder than the compliments received. Your light is brighter than the brightest lantern. And it is this light that lights up the world. But we know you are unaware. Unaware of how you touch the lives of people around you. In the big ways and also in the small.

This is why you find yourself wondering if you matter. To the people around and this world in general. You wonder if they appreciate having you here, under a giant sky. We are here to tell you today that they do.

Because every thing that you do every day, has an effect on the people you meet. The way you help your colleague with a project they were struggling with. The way you offer a seat to someone who needs it more than you. The way you simply let others come in the spotlight. Through all of this and more, you add light to this world. And this world appreciates it. Every day and especially every night when it gets dark.