I really Love you – The Universe

After all the miles you have travelled and fights you have won, here are some gentle reminders to hold close to your heart. As you move through life courageously, consider these to be tiny tokens of love to appreciate and encourage you.

I have always been rooting for you and have been your biggest supporter all along.  All that you’ve achieved so far comes up in my mind as I tell you how proud I’m of you.
Your strength has increased day by day.
The happiness that you radiate just by being YOU has been echoing all around here!
Hold your head up and keep serving the love that’s flowing through you.
I have seen how every effort of yours has made the people next to you smile.
Believe in what matters most to you. I hope you know that your existence itself is a source of abundant joy. Your light has lit up everything I know!

Thanks for all that you have shared with the world by being you,
Big Hug ~ The Universe