Huft WagBox Review By The Doodle Desk

Being a parent doesn’t mean one has to be related by blood. It just means loving someone unconditionally and with your whole heart.


If you are a pet parent like me and of course love to spoil your pooch completely, then this wagbox review would be completely handy to you!


What is a WagBox by Heads Up For Tails?
Wagbox is a special box, filled with love, surprises and gifts for your special furball at home.

How does it work?
The best part about ordering the wagbox is you need to fill out a questionnaire on the HUFT’s website click here .
The form starts with choosing your pooch size (whether small, medium or big), proceeding to the monthly plan selection (ranging from a monthly package to quarterly to half yearly), pricing is (5 star rating) as it’s the best ROI you would get when you open the wagbox (ranging from 1999INR/wagbox to 4999INR/3 wagboxes to 9999INR/ 6 wagboxes). Post selecting the package, one can add more goodies by just adding 500INR. The last step will ask the pet parent to fill out essentials like the pet’s name, breed, birthday, gender, coat type, toy preference, likes-dislikes, vegetarian-non vegetarian.

The interesting part for me was I was already thinking that so and so toy, or chew stick would come for Fudge, but, when I received the package I was totally surprised to find the beyond perfect gift for my little baby (and yes, there were some goodies for me too!)

3And, here’s what we found in our amazing Wagbox by H.U.F.T !
4What we received:
~  Hoggers Meaty treat in smoked chicken
~  ‘Be the person your dog thinks you are’ Diary
~  Meat Jerky by Kennel Kitchen
~  HUFT Massage Brush in small
~  Yummy in my Tummy Premium Dog cookies in pumpkin & carrot flavour
~  ‘Life is better with a dog’ Mug
~  ‘Mummy & Daddy’s Monkey’ neck Collar in red and yellow
~  ‘Mommy’s big baby’ Collar Pendant in bright pink

5Both the yummy treats are made from real meat and high quality ingredients to provide the best taste to our furry babies. Personally, Fudge really loved these easy to munch sticks and is quite happy after eating them!

FullSizeRender (66)Fudge looks totally adorable in this bright pink collar pendant. I personally loved this one, if I would go to a shop I would have definitely picked this one up! Of course, one can’t see his bright yellow and red collar because of the immense furcoat the little cub has.


Made with love, pumpkin and carrots, your munchkin would hate to share these yummy paw shaped cookies. Also, to note these cookies are totally vegetarian, so you need not worry if you feed your furrness only vegetarian food. A 5/5 for these cookies: affordable, yummy and vegetarian!


If your lill one needs massages 24*7, then this HUFT massage brush is a handy product. I really liked this product because a) its extremely handy, easy to carry b) solves both the purpose of grooming and massage to our pets.
P.S. Don’t miss his expressions post grooming!

8My two best things doodling and coffee have been perfectly covered by HUFT! Love the handy diary to doodle or write my things to do. This mug will always and forever remind me of my munchkin Fudge, because as we all know, ‘Life is definitely and always better with a dog!’

Huft 2 Final paw 2

(Doodle using everyday objects: HUFT dog cookies used as clouds)

I personally and honestly feel one has to be blessed to have a dog in his/ her life. I am totally grateful to god for sending Fudge into my life. It would have definitely been something else in his absence.


So, what are you waiting for, love your pooch, just grab your phone, visit HUFT’s store online and order your munchkin the best surprise loved box, actually called the wagbox soon!

10Huft 1 Final paw1

(Doodle using everyday objects: smoked chicken meaty treats used as kennel roof)