How to choose your wedding cake

Get your dream wedding cake with these 6 easy peesy tips from the doodle desk!


  1. Make a list!
    Most importantly list down all the reputed bakeries in and around your vicinity or your wedding hall vicinity. Research online, read customer feedbacks and reviews. Check the gallery section of each baker, if their website is not updated, their work isn’t either! Before meeting the bakery in person, ensure you have your basic design, colour combination and taste roughly sorted in head. Search pinterest for some amazing cake designs!
  2. Tasting
    Arrange for a tasting session. Taste your cake before ordering. Don’t experiment with too many exotic flavours, a good baker can make a simple vanilla flavour taste as exotic as possible! So, don’t assume- taste!
  3. Choosing the design
    Get creative with your design, match it with the ruffles of your wedding dress, or the theme of your wedding. If you still believe in fairy-tales, there is nothing wrong in trying a disney castle themed cake!
  4. Frosting
    Get your frosting correct! Check the weather, your final design and then decide on whether you want butter cream or a fondant. Both have a very different look on a cake!
  5. Size
    You definitely wouldn’t want the cake to be deficient on your big day! So, ensure you choose your tiers according to the number of guests invited. Also, consider the cake stature and the height between the columns depending on the height of the ceiling of the hall.
  6. Do’s and Don’t s
    Give yourself adequate time to plan the cake. Three to Six months is a good enough time to plan the cake. Inviting inputs from too many friends and family is a big NO NO! It’s your day, remember; so order the taste of your dreams!

Doodle using everyday objects: tea light candles used as cake tiers!