How to achieve your goals?

You need both a vision and action to achieve goals. Dreaming is equally important as actually doing the things you dream about. 
Step1: Choose a dream and write down your goal. Add a timeline to it.
For example: I will reduce 5kgs in 3 months.
Step 2: Why do you want to achieve this goal? List down 3 reasons why is it so important.
For example: I want to be healthier. I want to be more energetic. I want to fit into my old jeans!
Step 3: Which things support this goal? List down 3 things/ features which you already have.
For example: I have Zumba classes nearby. My society has a good gym. I have access to healthy organic food.
Step 4: Which things are making achieving your goal harder? List down 3 things/ features which are stopping you to achieve your goal.
For example: I don’t have time. I am very lazy. I have thyroid and pcod which makes it difficult to lose weight.
Step 5: What is going to be different after? List down 3 things which will be different/ your feelings/others’ viewpoints of you.
For example: I am strong. I feel proud of myself. I look so good in skinny fit jeans.
Step 6: Which things you have to give up on? List 3 things which you need to avoid to reach this goal.
For example: Skip pizza for lunch. Avoid sugar as much as possible. Avoid larger gaps in between meals.
Step 7: What kind of skills or knowledge you will need? is there some help available. List down 3 things that will assist you.
For example: I need to read books/ blogs on weight reduction. Read success stories of weight loss journeys. Join the Zumba class or gym. Increase my willingness to get up early. On weekends, learn to meal prep for the whole week.
Step 8: Fix a timeline and Review regularly.
For example: Today I will research the nearby classes, or ask my neighbor about the best trainer in the society’s gym. I will walk for 30 mins, 4 days a week.
Step 9: Don’t give up.
Align your goals with the way you did like to feel act as if you’ve achieved the goal, stepping into the scenario of your future self and future life will trick your brain into experiencing it now you will get there faster.
Stop buying into what others think about you.
Write down your ideal day and start manifesting it, describe it in as much detail as possible.
Create a vision board with images, photographs that are closest to your dreams.
Create a gratitude practice, gratitude not only puts things into perspective but also helps us manage negative self-talk.
Sending love and good vibes!
Hope you achieve your goal soon!