Hold on to whoever keeps you warm inside

Sometimes in life you stumble upon certain people, and in an instant they give you this feeling, a feeling of satisfaction for yourself. They radiate such light, that every time you are with them, you find yourself filled with positivity. And they carry a vibe that is both kind and serene.

Such people do not just carry this goodness in them, but they pass on this goodness wherever they go. They shine so differently that they help you find your own light. They help you express yourself, they help you discover yourself and they help you love yourself better. 

Such people come in your life as hope, as love, as a blessing. They stay by your side on your toughest days. They celebrate your happiness as their own. And they stick with you through thick and thin. 

So if you happen to have such a person in your life. A person who makes you feel calm, fills you with love and keeps you warm on the inside. Let them know how much you honor them. Make them feel the same, as they make you feel. And hold onto them, for people with such kind energy are very rare to find.