Here’s why you should be proud of yourself!

Today, you have to withdraw some appreciation from the bank of appreciation in you and give it to yourself. Because, the thing is you get used to doing everything that you do and therefore shy away from giving yourself the credit for the same. But today, let us remind you why you should be proud of yourself.

Be proud for trying so hard
The fact that you wake up every day with the courage to make it better than the previous day is so commendable and is something that you should be proud of.

Be proud for not giving up
Life gets a little messy at times. Pain shows up uninvited to test us and the light in us. Be proud of yourself for not succumbing to everything that tries to drag you down.

For how far you have come
Take a moment to think of how far you have come. You always wanted this to happen and now when it has, you should give yourself some credit and a pat on your back.

And we are sure there are many other reasons for you to be proud of yourself. Today, take a moment to think of those reasons and tell yourself – Good job (your name)!