Heal your inner child!

Each one of us is made of places we’ve been to, the people that we’ve met, and everything that we’ve seen, heard or felt. We are made of the childhood that we once embraced and the life that we once went through which may be good or bad, positive or negative, happy or sad. And these experiences continue to live within us even long after, as a part of us.

And as we grow there are moments that come back to us as nostalgia and there moments that we shove away. Because as a child, the times that we were hurt or upset are not easily understood. But as an adult, we need to understand that there are events that need to be brought out into light so as to help you heal.

And it is by acknowledging, recognizing and embracing the inner child within us that we begin the process of re-parenting, the process of healing.

And you must start by listening to yourself. Sit with yourself in peace, listen to your inner child, understand and empathize. Tell yourself that it is going to be okay. Tell yourself that you are loved, cared for and heard. 

Practice meditation, write your childhood self a letter, do what you once loved to do as a child and bring back the joys that you once felt. Open your arms to the inner child in you, accept it and become one with it.