Have the courage to keep going

When scientists look for the answer to questions, they don’t stop when they face obstacles. They keep going. Doctors don’t give up on treating people when it gets tough, instead they give their best to ensure that people who come to them, reach home safe and sound. Teachers don’t give up teaching students who are difficult to be taught. They keep going. The scientists, the doctors and the teachers do so because they believe in possibility. Possibility of something great that can happen in the future. If only they dare to keep going.

When it comes to life, we should have the same courage. Setbacks and tough times are a part and parcel of life. When we face them, we should carry on with a belief in the possibility of better times ahead. If they make us demotivated and tired we should learn to rest. Giving up should not be an answer. And where can we find this courage? Inside us! There is a voice in us that asks us to keep going no matter what happens. We should listen to this voice.

Sometimes the distance we have covered doesn’t matter. All that matters is if we are still going.