Hard times are blessings in disguise!

We all love when there are happy experiences all around us. When love is in the air and our feet doesn’t touch the ground. Sadness is then such a bummer. In fact, when we are faced with problems, it seems like the world is crumbling around us. We then wait desperately for their departure to a land from where they can never return.

However, sometimes the wrong leads us to the right. An illness leads to a life-changing improvement or a stronger sense of purpose. A bad relationship leads us to a better one. A not so ideal job leads us to an ideal one. This is how hard times then become blessings in disguise. They bring with them the lessons that end up shaping our life. Strength that was missing from our life before and courage that we always needed.

This is why it is important to not run away from them and instead let them teach us what they intend to. They are here for our greater good and it won’t be long before we realise that. They might make you fall apart. But they will also put the pieces back to make a better version of you.