Happy Friday!

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Friday is the most hopeful day of the week. It makes us believe that something good is about to happen. Spend this Friday, dwelling on one or more of these thoughts.

Be ready to take off: You have been living in anticipation of this moment and it’s here now. You’ve been practising your flight for a long time and now it’s finally time for you to fly.

It is your light that lights up the world: The world likes everything that you carry even the parts that you are critical about. Everything that you are makes this world more colorful and bright.

You are your own rainbow: You are self-sufficient and are everything that you need. The joy that you try to find in the world is inside you. You will find it if you look for it.

No bad days: The week is about to end and it may have been tough on you at times but know that from now there will be no bad days. Giggles and waves of laughter are coming your way!

Better times are coming: The dark clouds are about to disappear once and for all. Now there will be clear skies ahead. So, get into your vacation mode and don’t go in search of a vacation, your life’s about to become a vacation itself.